4 rescued dogs that traveled from China to Raleigh now await forever homes

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Four dogs from China are looking for their forever homes in Raleigh after being rescued by a local organization.

Volunteers from Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue brought the dogs back from China Thursday morning.

“It is amazing the work people do to save a life,” said Tami Radzai, President of the NRGRR Board of Directors.

Radzai says she learned about the Chinese rescue effort from another organization and wanted to see if NRGRR could help. She said almost 90 Golden Retrievers will be rescued by a dozen organizations from across the country in the next two weeks.

“The meat market is a real thing over there. There were some amazing rescuers in China that saw the needs of the dogs and brought them to safety,” Radzai said.

Radzai said there are height restrictions for dogs in China, and if a pet is deemed too large it can be seized by police and possibly sold to a meat market. 

“In the States that is something we could never fathom, but there it’s culturally acceptable. We can’t necessarily judge them for what’s acceptable.  We just want to save a life and give them what they deserve,” Radzai said.

After flying from Beijing to Toronto, then Toronto to New York, rescuers drove the four dogs to North Carolina.

Two of the dogs were brought to Grace Park Animal Hospital for an evaluation. Dr. Jared Conley at Complete Pet Care is looking after dogs Mei Mei and Tian.

“They are a little underweight. They are a little malnourished. Otherwise, I was really happy with their spirit, their energy, how happy they were to be here,” he said.

Mei Mei, Tian, and the two other rescued retrievers will go to foster homes before being adopted

“To see a wagging tail, it doesn’t matter what continent you’re in; it’s the love in their eyes is real,” Conley said.

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