RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Could taller buildings be coming to the North Hills area?

That’s exactly what developers are asking for.

Kane Realty Corporation, a developer in North Hills, is asking the city to rezone about 11 acres of land near the shopping center.

Drive around the property and you may notice a lot of construction happening already—and developers are looking to add on to that.

Kane Realty said it is planning to add 12, 30 and 40-story mixed use buildings.

Developers told CBS 17 the rezoning would allow for more growth, high access to transit and more apartments and townhomes.

Photo of the map showing the areas proposed for rezoning in North Hills.
Photo from the City of Raleigh.

That said, not everyone is on board with the plan.

Larry Helfant is the chairman of the Midtown CAC. He told CBS 17 what developers are asking for isn’t in the midtown area plan.

“We have midtown area plan that was signed into action back in 2020 and this current city council approved it. Since then we haven’t seen any infrastructure spending, yet development continues to go gangbusters,” said Helfant.

He says he not only wants to see more infrastructure but more affordable housing which is also included in the plan.

“Anything greater than seven stories is supposed to have as a density bonus be able to build at least 10 percent of the development as affordable homes. We’re building a bus terminal to be used by everybody and primarily the people working in North Hills and yet there’s no affordable housing in this area for the same people,” said Helfant.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Raleigh city council members voted to send the plan to the transit committee for their input on a planned bus transit center for the property. They plan to continue discussions.

Another concern at the last meeting was Fire Station #9 at Six Forks Road and Rowan. At the last meeting the city said the building was not equipped to handle high rise buildings. Developers plan to dedicate a sufficient area of land next to the first station for the purpose of redevelopment in the plan.