RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Friday, the Raleigh police department released dramatic body camera video of a January officer-involved shooting that left one man dead along Interstate-440.

There are five different angles from the five responding officers, but depending on who’s looking at it, there are just as many interpretations.

The video shows the tense moments between Raleigh police and Daniel Turcios minutes after his car — with his wife and two children inside — flipped along I-440.

Officers asked Turcios to drop a knife, but when that didn’t happen, they first tased him.

Bob Young, a retired New York City police officer with decades of law enforcement experience, said deploying the taser was “textbook” use of force.

“This is a very dangerous situation right here,” Young said. “There’s maybe five or six feet, that’s within the kill zone with a knife.”

The video then shows Turcios swinging the knife at a first responder before officer A.A. Smith shot him five times.

Activist Kerwin Pittman, who knows Turcios’ family, said he believes officers escalated the situation.

“Daniel Turcios’ life mattered and he definitely did not deserve to die,” Pittman said. “At what point do you de-escalate the situation.”

Pittman said he wants to see the Raleigh police department invest in more training, both to calm situations and communicate with those who don’t speak English.

“There’s definitely a lot of takeaways from this experience,” Pittman said.

For Young, he believes the officer did what he had to do to protect others at the scene, but still said it’s a tragic end.

“It’s terrible to be in a shooting for all parties, all parties,” Young said. “The officer is going to have to live with taking a life and the family’s going to have to live with the fact that they don’t have a loved one.”