GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — Pharmacists at White Oak Pharmacy in Garner say some medications just aren’t coming in the door, specifically ones for ADHD patients.

“Focalin and Concerta, those remain on backorder, which is a real problem for a lot of children in school right now that take those,” said owner Melissa Illig.

The good news is that some name brands like Adderall are in better supply than they were a few months ago. But for patients with insurance that only covers a certain brand or name, getting the medicine they need has been a struggle.

“Vyvanse is another one, and that one has been pretty good, except for the generic coming out, it kind of changed the game a little bit because that is not available, and some insurance companies only want to cover the generic, but that’s not available,” Illig explained.

Pharmacy staff said they keep a wait list of people trying to fill prescriptions and they work with different wholesalers to get those products in the door as fast as possible. But there’s no time table on when the shortage will be resolved.

“Some of the products say short term backorder, which means less than 30 days that they should receive it in the warehouse, some are saying a long term backorder, greater than 30 days,” Illig said. “Some of the products we anticipate getting in in the next couple of weeks, and some much longer, like three to six months.”

While it continues, they’re encouraging patients to think ahead and to call a pharmacy before a prescription runs out.