CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – The Wake County Public School System brought in extra security for Friday night’s basketball game at Panther Creek High School following a brawl that happened at Tuesday night’s game.

CBS 17 obtained video of the fight that started in the commons area of the school following the heated rivalry game with Green Hope High School.

The video shows tensions escalating and the fight then spilled into the parking lot. In video, there appeared to be dozens of students in the parking lot — after video also showed some running out of the school building.

Another video showed about 40 students packed into a small area inside the school — many of them holding up cellphones.

As a result of the incident, more than 17 law enforcement officers had to be called in from Cary, Apex, and Wake County to get things under control. Four Cary police officers were already at the scene and helped with getting things back in order.

“We were just standing there and we just see everybody running out,” said Cameron Gilmore, a Cary High School student who was at the game. “I didn’t expect anything crazy like that to go on.”

At Friday night’s game, Wake County Public Schools made sure extra Cary police officers were present.

Some Panther Creek fans were glad to see the extra police presence at the game after what happened on Tuesday night.

“Better play it safe than sorry,” said Brent Gale, a Panther Creek fan. “If it calls for having a little bit of extra security out, then so be it, if that makes those in attendance feel safer.

However, some parents told CBS 17 they did not feel the added security was necessary.

“We try to have our schools as a safe place and a welcoming place and having all the extra security is a little bit unnerving,” said Sherri James-Surgers, a parent of a Panther Creek student.

A spokesperson from Wake County schools said that the students involved in the fight Tuesday night had been disciplined. The district said disciplinary action could range from short term suspensions to being banned from school athletic events for the remainder of the school year.