RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One woman in southeast Raleigh is excited about a sidewalk completed in her community.

In October, Cynthia Etheridge reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get answers about the sidewalk at Rock Quarry Road and Interstate 40. It ended at the overpass.

CBS 17’s Laura Smith took her concerns to the North Carolina Department of Transportation and found crews were planning to put a sidewalk on the overpass but needed to make bridge repairs first.

The bridgework is now complete and CBS 17 can confirm the sidewalk continues over I-40. Pedestrians were seen using it.

“Three years in the making and I got nowhere until I called you,” Etheridge said. “I’m just a concerned citizen and the feedback has been wonderful.”

The NCDOT is now beautifying the interchange with new trees and plants.

Etheridge said she can’t wait to use the new sidewalk.

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