After trash piles up for 3 weeks, CBS 17 helps Knightdale neighborhood have its refuse removed

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KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Knightdale neighborhood that pays for its trash pickup was frustrated because garbage has been piling up for almost three weeks.

They turned to CBS 17 to get help and Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia was able to get their problem resolved.

Driving through the Rutledge Landing neighborhood Thursday morning, you could see bin after bin overflowing with trash and garbage as it sat by the curb.

“Last week they told us the trash day was moved from Monday to Wednesday and they never came Wednesday,” said Lynn Hughes. “They didn’t come this Wednesday again.

“It’s piling up all over the neighborhood.”

For close three weeks, the refuse has sat in the hot sun, smelling bad and attracting the kinds of creatures which like festering garbage.

“For it to be down three weeks with no collection is absurd to me,” said resident Judaea Morris.

For Morris, the stuff overflowing from her curbside container is just the tip of “trash-berg.”

With an infant in the house, she has plastic trash bags of dirty diapers piling up in her kitchen.

She is using the home’s air conditioning to keep those bags cool so they won’t turn into the kind of problem that is already occulting with the uncollected trash sitting in the daily heat at curbside.

She has more trash stored in her garage.

“It’s very, very frustrating,” said Morris.

Because this neighborhood is outside Knightdale town limits, the people there must pay quarterly for trash pickup.

Most of the neighborhood residents are using GFL, but they were not getting any response when they complained to the company.

“I could never get through to the main office at GFL,” said Hughes. “I just got a busy signal, or nobody would pick up.”

Morris said, “My husband has been on the phone with them daily—on hold for at least an hour and hasn’t been able to get anybody.”

To try and help, Sbraccia went to GFL’s regional office in Garner to get answers.

The manager there referred him to the company’s corporate office in Raleigh.

Eventually, Sbraccia spoke with regional Vice President Travis Hitchcock.

He would not go on camera but thanked CBS 17 “for bringing the situation to their attention” and promised an immediate trash pickup.

By the time Sbraccia returned to the neighborhood, trash and garbage were in the process of being collected.

Sbraccia called Morris on the phone and asked her to step outside her home. When she did, he asked her to look inside her curbside barrel.

“It’s empty,” she said with glee. “You guys are superheroes around here now.”

Morris said she never expected to get results just hours after speaking with CBS 17 about the problem.

With the trash now collected GFL’s Hitchcock promises the company will keep a better eye on the neighborhood.

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