GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — Amazon showed off its newest fulfillment center in Garner on Tuesday morning.

The online retailer opened its doors to give a behind-the-scenes look at what will become a cutting-edge facility just off Jones Sausage Road. It becomes the fourth fulfillment center in North Carolina, but this building will boast the company’s newest design.

“We are the leading technology for Amazon robotics fulfillment,” said Southeast Regional Director Robert Packett as he showed off the facility.

“What makes this building different is what we are doing basically on the same level of fulfillment that we can do on a larger site with a lot smaller footprint,” he said.

But smaller is still big when it comes to Amazon. The building is massive.

Each level is 700,000 square feet. It’s the old ConAgra Foods plant, which closed in 2011.

“We’re maximizing the space with our new drive technology. So, we can get more cube in the building but with the new…technology that’s going to be in this building. We are going to do substantially more zip code level sortation, which really means for you, last touches from your package leaving this building to go to your doorstep,” Packett continued.

The building has four floors and each floor is 700,000 square feet. The first floor is the primary floor where the associates will work. The three top floors will house the thousands of robots that will put the inventory in its proper place to make sure it gets to the shopper.

“We’re receiving the product in the building virtually and physically. We are storing it in our robotic bins and then when you click “buy,” our pickers will pick out their item and sort it to a packing area and then put it on a trailer for delivery.”

The robotic element is a huge deal, but the 1,500 employees that will be hired here will also play a major role.

“If we want to have high-quality we cannot replace a human and that’s why it’s a critical part of our business,” said Packett.

The facility is expected to open by the start of the 2020 holiday shopping season.