As Toys “R” Us stores across the country prepare to close for good Friday night, an employee at the Raleigh location told CBS 17 they would not be open on the final day of business.

As a result, shoppers were not going to fill their carts with any remaining toys because some anonymous person beat them to it.

Employees say someone spent $1 million buying up all the toys that remained in order to donate them.

The staff told CBS 17 they will spend their last day in the Raleigh store boxing up the few toys left to put on a truck for the mysterious buyer.


The news shocked more than a few who’d come looking for last minute bargains.

“Wow. Awesome man,” said customer George House.

“Oh wow, that’s nice,” said Vivian Smith who showed up and found the doors locked with a closed sign on the glass.

It left people wondering who is the big Toys-R-Us kid is who purchased all the stuff from the rapidly emptying shelves.

Employees wouldn’t say, but there were some wild guesses about someone who might turn out to be a secret Santa.

“Maybe it’s Bill Gates,” said customer Hailey Rawles, who also suggested Amazon might have done it to donate the toys to charity.

Whoever it was, their deed turned disappointment at the early closing into joy.

“Oh, that’s so nice. I’m happy to hear that,” said Erin Sampson who’d come to the store with a friend looking for last minute deals.

Meanwhile, some Raleigh customers had a message to the kind hearted soul who’ll be donating the toys.

 “I like the idea of donating the toys. That’s pretty rad,” said customer Dan Paulson.

“That’s great. I’d like to know who it is,” said customer Danyel Smith.

Now, it’s a matter of waiting to see where the toys from the Raleigh store will surface. We might have to wait till December to see if the secret Santa goes public.

Friday, June 29 was the last day all 700 Toys-R-U stores in the United States would be open.

The stores started liquidation back in March. The 70-year-old company filed for bankruptcy back in late 2017 and since then it wasn’t able to turn itself around financially.

Thousands of workers across the United States will be out of a job following the closures.