APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — As millions of people flee the war in Ukraine, an Apex man is working tirelessly to reunite them with family members in the United States and other countries by matching Ukrainian families with people willing to donate airline miles.

The man, who goes by MG, says he’s already helped more than 150 Ukrainian families with donated miles, but there are so many more waiting.

“I am blessed because I am safe, my children are safe,” said Halyna Marchenko as her son and daughter spent a Monday afternoon at a Raleigh playground.

Just a few weeks ago, safety wasn’t so certain. When Russia attacked Ukraine, Marchenko knew she had to get her children out.

“My sister, she told me there was a man here in North Carolina and he can help you with the tickets,” she recalled. “It was like amazing. You know, he doesn’t know us, but he decided to help us.”

MG, who frequently travels for business reasons, donated airline miles to bring the family to Raleigh where Marchenko’s sisters live.

“I always say, ‘Never let the magnitude of a crisis discourage you from getting involved,'” he said.

“Initially I knew that I could help a few people,” he added. “Then within an hour, I realized how big this could get.”

MG urged others to donate their miles too and began coordinating an effort to help as many Ukrainian families as possible.

“We are getting close to 9 million miles donated in three weeks,” he said.

“It’s amazing how people help people,” marveled Halyna Rivna, whose parents also made it to Raleigh, thanks to donated miles.

“I just know the lady who donated tickets for my parents lives in Texas,” she added.

“We are literally connecting people around the world – not only with their families, but we are making new friendships with the people that are donating these miles,” MG explained.

He says he matches people who have miles with families who need them, adding that the people who donate the miles book the flights and pay the fees. MG said the process can be time consuming in some cases, but he says he’s seen many people offer to help.

He hopes to help more Ukrainian families who need it. In order to use donated miles, Ukrainians must have all the documents they need and make it out of Ukraine to a neighboring country.

There is a simple reason behind the massive effort.

“Somebody once helped me just the way I’m helping these people today,” MG explained.

It’s a gift the families will treasure forever.

“Yes, I’m still crying and praying, but my parents are the most closest people to me,” said Rivna. “They are here and I’m happy.”

Marchenko added, “Thank you so, so much to every single person who donated their miles.”

To find out more about donating miles click here https://www.facebook.com/christmaslightsonholtrd or email ukrainehumanitarianflights@gmail.com.