App meetup turns into handcuff assault in Raleigh, police say

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Two women have been charged after police say they jumped and assaulted another woman.

The victim told police she went to the North Hills at Town Center Apartments to meet a man she spoken with on an app. It happened Wednesday around 10:20 p.m. at the North Hills at Town Center apartments.

Ashlin Owens and Courtney Delaney are charged with assault and battery.

In the 911 call, the caller said, “Its two girls, they’re driving a Toyota Avalon. I’m following them right now.” The dispatcher responds, “Stop following them, and I need to know where you are.”

The victim told police she came to the apartment complex to meet a man she’d spoken with over an online app. When she arrived, she said, two women assaulted her, one hitting her over the head with handcuffs.

Following that ordeal, the victim told the 911 dispatcher she got in her car and followed them. Just a few blocks away, still in the complex, both of them pulled over.

In the 911 call, the caller said, “She just did something to my tire.”

The dispatcher responds, “Does she have any weapons on her?”

The caller said, “The back of my head is bleeding though. I need someone over here now.”

“This is literally right where I live and its kind of scary thing to think about,” Alexis Lee, a neighbor said.

According to the arrest records, neither Owens nor Delaney live in the complex. 

Neighbors said they wouldn’t meet someone off an app.

Police said the victim declined medical attention.



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