RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A major development in Raleigh is taking shape and people who work and hang out nearby are excited for what they believe it will do for the area.

Right now, apartments at the Forge at Raleigh Iron Works are pre-leasing and several more businesses are set to open in the development along Atlantic Avenue in the coming months.

Dylan Box and his friends were enjoying a Friday night out across the street from Raleigh Iron Works at Lynwood Brewing Concern. Box said once the 19-acre mixed use development fills out it will be a big boost for the area.

“A lot more places to hang out, people to go get drinks, do some more fun activites on the weekend [with] and what not, looking forward to it,” Box said.

Eastcut Sandwich Bar is set to open in May, Andia’s Ice Cream in July, Ponysaurus Brewing in late fall, and “eatertainment” concept Jaguar Bolera in the winter, according to the Creative and Marketing Coordinator for Grubb Ventures.

Currently there’s one office and FX Fitness.

Ben Codispoti is the Owner of FX Fitness that does personal and small group training, along with services like acupuncture and physical therapy.

“I envision this to be the hottest development in Raleigh, honestly from an innovative standpoint, and just a community feeling,” Codispoti said.

FX Fitness opened three months ago.

“We wanted to become part of a community, something bigger than ourselves and it’s very much got a mom-and-pop feel, so small businesses kind of grouped into one community,” Codispoti said.

While the stretch of Atlantic Avenue still has an industrial feel, Holly Waterman said she sees the changes.

“I feel like the gap between this area and downtown is quickly closing, it seems like there’s a lot of development,” Waterman said.

She stopped by the Forge at Raleigh Iron Works for the first time Friday after being curious about the development.

“Looks like a good place to take a walk, and bring the family, and have a good drink or a good bite to eat,” Waterman said. “So yeah, will definitely be back, it looks like a great place to hang out.”

People will start moving into the Forge at Raleigh Iron Works’ 219 apartments this summer.