CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — At least four businesses in Cary were targeted in damaging break-ins — with three businesses robbed — early Sunday morning, police said.

All the break-ins happened along Cary Parkway and police said they might all be linked.

The first incident was reported just after 5:50 a.m. at Chinese #1 Restaurant in the 3600 block of Cary Parkway, according to the Cary Police Department. The thieves damaged the business by breaking a glass door and then got into the cash register, police said.

Workers at the business told CBS 17 Sunday afternoon that no money was taken because the register was empty.

Other locations were hit after the Chinese restaurant, but police did not disclose the order of the break-ins.

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A Subway restaurant had its front door damaged during a theft at the location at 2400 block of Cary Parkway, according to police.

A third business that was robbed was the Bliss gas station. Thieves damaged a front door and cash was stolen from the business at the corner of Cary Parkway and Lake Pine Drive, police told CBS 17.

Photo by Mariah Ellis/CBS 17

The fourth business hit by the break-ins, SweeTea Boba, is near the Chinese #1 restaurant. In that case, the business had a door smashed and workers said the thieves took the entire cash register.

All of the businesses were back open on Sunday afternoon. Employees were back at one business Sunday cleaning up and glass in a door was replaced with a wood panel.

“Investigators are looking into the possibility that they are all connected given the similarities,” Cary Police Sgt. Kenric Alexander told CBS 17.

No arrests have been made.