RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Seventy-nine beagles rescued from a mass breeding facility, that was cited for dozens of animal welfare violations, are settling into foster homes in central North Carolina.

These dogs are just some of the 4,000 being removed from the Envigo facility in Virginia, that provided dogs to labs for animal testing. 

Gambit is, understandably, a little shy, but after a few moments, his nose overrides his nerves, and the curious beagle takes a closer look at the camera capturing his every move.

“They’ve never lived in a house before, they’d never seen grass before,” Dan Savarese, with Triangle Beagle Rescue, said.

Gambit, along with Ladybug and her puppies, are some of the 4,000 beagles from the breeding facility.

Federal investigators cited Envigo for dozens of animal welfare violations. The Department of Justice intervened to help get the beagles into the care of the Humane Society of the United States, and the dogs are now going to rescues around the country, including Triangle Beagle Rescue.

After announcing it would be getting some of the beagles from the Envigo facility, Triangle Beagle Rescue was overwhelmed with people who wanted to help.

“We had over 200 foster applications,” Savarese said. “We actually crashed our website.” 

The rescue has also received donations of harnesses, beds and supplies for the beagles.

Savarese and other volunteers went to Virginia to pick up the dogs last week.

“We did go onto the facility; we were escorted by the Marshals,” he said. “The dogs were definitely not acclimated to much human interaction, but they didn’t seem overly traumatized.”

Nearly one week after arriving in North Carolina, all of the dogs are settling into their foster homes.

Ladybug is a doting mom, caring for her puppies, who are just starting to open their eyes.  Gambit is still a little bit nervous, but likes playing with the other dogs in his foster home and clearly enjoys getting some snuggles.

“He’s been doing pretty well, and I think it’s a matter of maybe a couple more weeks before he’s acclimated to the good life,” Savarese said.

While there has been a huge interest in adopting the beagles from the Envigo lab, Savarese said Triangle Beagle has other beagles available for adoption and is rescuing dogs all the time. Finding homes for them can help free up space and resources so the rescue can bring more beagles from the Envigo facility to North Carolina.

If you’d like to find out more about the beagles rescued from the Envigo lab, click here.

All of the adult beagles will be spayed or neutered before they are available for adoption and they’ll also receive dental care and other veterinary care as needed, CBS 17 found out Monday.

As for Gambit, Savarese said, “he’s starting to realize that things are better on this side.”