RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Bird and Lime are pulling their scooters off the streets of Raleigh. 

Julia Milstead with the City of Raleigh said neither Bird or Lime submitted a proposal to the city by the Tuesday deadline.

But five other companies did submit proposals.

  • Bolt
  • Gotcha
  • Lyft
  • Spin
  • VeoRide 

Lime’s director of government relations said Raleigh’s restrictive rules proved to be too much for the company. 

“Despite our efforts to partner in good faith, the city has decided to impose some of the most onerous regulations in the country and unfortunately we cannot continue to operate under such restrictive rules. We will continue our conversations with City Council and make a decision about the future of Lime in Raleigh after we consider our options.”

Bird issued a statement that read:

We had a blast helping you reduce traffic and congestion in Raleigh. Unfortunately, burdensome city regulations and fees made it impossible to continue to offer our service affordably and equitably. April 30 is the last day Birds will fly in Raleigh. The good news is Bird is flying in over 100 cities. Take a ride when you can. Goodbyes are never fun, so let’s call this a see you later.

In January, Bird announced it would be adding fees in response to new regulations passed by Raleigh leaders late in 2018.

“When I’m running late, it’s really nice to have scooters that are literally there to scoot you along actually,” said scooter rider Kristen Benson.

“Rather than having a car, I can just get on the E-scooters and go about my day,” rider Hakeem Sanders added.

The company tacked on a $2 transportation fee on top of the $1 to unlock and $0.15/min ride rate.

“The price is probably most important thing, and with the regulations, it seems like that is going to go up,” rider Ryan King said.

The transportation fee is in response to regulations passed by the council that charges electric scooter companies $300 per scooter annually in addition to administrative fees.

The city is allowing companies to operate up to 500 scooters each with a total of 1,500 maximum citywide among all companies.

Milstead did confirm scooters will still be available in the city moving forward. 

This story will be updated.