RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Bodycam footage released Friday shows the confrontation on Jan. 11 that led to police shooting and killing a man after a crash along Interstate-440 in Raleigh.

Click here to see Raleigh police’s summary video

The summary video released by Raleigh police shows a man armed with a knife, who police identified as Jose Daniel Argueta Turcios, after a rollover crash on I-440 near the Brentwood Road exit.

Turcios is argumentative with officers on the scene before entering into a verbal altercation with the woman who was in his vehicle during the crash.

Raleigh officers give Turcios commands in Spanish and English throughout their interactions.

As firefighters tend to Turcios’ children, he produces a knife, the video shows.

Turcios swings the knife at a firefighter tending to the Turcios’ family, police body-camera video shows.

Police are seen telling Turcios to drop the knife multiple times. He then walks away from officers with a child who was also involved in the crash.

A woman, who police said was the mother’s child, then tried to take the child away from Turcios. Once the child was out of harm’s way, an officer uses his taser on Turcios.

A struggle then took place as officers tried to take Turcios into custody. Video shows Turcios swinging a knife at a first responder while flailing.

He was shot twice initially and fell to the ground.

Turcios then tries to get up with the knife still in his hand and is shot three more times.

Witnesses and people involved in the crash can be heard telling the officer that they believe Turcios was intoxicated.

Another witness told officers he as traveling around 69 mph on Interstate-40 near Jones Sausage Road when Turcios passed him like “I was standing still.”

The witness also said Turcios came close to colliding with him on the interstate.

Officer A.A. Smith and Sgt. Tapscott were placed on administrative leave, per standard procedure. A report said that all of the officers involved in the incident had their body cameras and dash cameras activated and recording.

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