RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Some small businesses are having a hard time during this pandemic trying to keep their doors open, but others are finding that their services are essential.

That’s been the story for Cliff Cabral, the owner of FASTSIGNS Cary. It’s a custom graphics and sign shop. Business started to pick up during early March at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We got this huge order for a company and it was just some small signs that reminded employee to wash theirs hands,” said Cabral.

From that moment on,  business related to COVID-19 started to grow. Cabral said the coronavirus awareness signs changed week to week with each new CDC guideline.

“The type of signage we got in the beginning is not the signage we are getting now and it’s been completely fluid and we’ve had to to adapt to,” said Cabral as he worked to prepare another order.

The company is working with health care groups, construction firms, restaurants, and even the Town of Cary. Cabral said the town needed a rush order for COVID-19 signs ahead of the state and county’s stay-at-home orders.

“Their designer put together these great signs letting people know what six feet looks like. They initially needed 100. Then an hour later it became 150 and two hours later it was 250,” he said.

“I think I heard stories of officials being at the trailheads trying to warn people that you’re six feet apart but now the signage took care of that,” said Cabral.

While they’re busy inside sign shop, Cabral said they still want to help other small businesses.

“We posted a couple things on our social media. We made these signs letting people know that the food establishment was still open. We were giving them away for free. All we were asking is if restaurants came to get them that they drop off a gift card and we are going to donate it to the food bank,” he said.

They are also giving away stickers that shows the six-foot social distancing guidelines. The stickers say “Please wait here.” Cabral said it looks better than the blue tape some small businesses are using.

“Everyone is just trying to get through this together to keep their businesses open to see each other on the other side.”