RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – On Wednesday morning, Gov. Roy Cooper was joined by the CEO of the Foodbank of Central & Eastern North Carolina and Butterball, LLC CEO. All three gathered at the food bank’s warehouse to help unload 300 turkeys.

These turkeys won’t be delivered in time for Thanksgiving, but they will be distributed to families in time for the Christmas Holiday.

The donation was given to the foodbank from Butterball as an ongoing effort to make sure families have food on their tables this holiday season.

According to Gov. Cooper, about 12 percent of North Carolinians face hunger at some point, and 1 in 6 of those are children. That’s why he says fighting food insecurity is one of his top priorities.

“This organization helps get food directly to the families who need it,” Gov. Cooper said. “You have people right now, here at the holidays, who are struggling. They are making the choice between buying gas for the car and buying enough food for home.”

They all talked about the increasing number of people in need of these services across the state.

The food bank CEO, Ashley McCumber, said this is the time to recognize food insecurities across the 34 counties they serve. 

“Too many of our families are still hungry. What the Governor understands and what Butterball understands is that kids without food can’t reach their full potential,” McCumber said.

Jay Jandrain, who is the President & CEO of Butterball, LLC shared why donating these turkeys meant a lot to him.

“It’s something that’s very very valuable to us, it’s kinda at the core of what we do and it’s about the togetherness and the feeling of togetherness when we get people around food,” Jandrain said.

None of the turkeys were given out Wednesday because they wouldn’t thaw out in time to eat but they will be given to families in need in time for the Christmas holiday.