WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCN) – Campbell Law School worked with the White House and the Department of Justice last week to address the housing and eviction crisis in hopes of taking immediate action to increase housing stability and access to justice in Wake County.

Campbell joined 99 other schools across 35 states and Puerto Rico to help prevent evictions, a news release said. Beginning in a few months, these law students will spend approximately 81,000 hours helping provide legal assistance to these communities across the country.

“The clinic will be representing clients in summary ejectment hearings in small claims court in Wake County,”  Campbell Law School Professor Ashley Campbell said. “Professor (Tolu) Adewale and I handled landlord/tenant cases during our respective time at Legal Aid (of North Carolina’s Raleigh office)”.

Law schools, including Campbell, are drawing on resources, clinical offerings and the service of the larger law school community to help struggling families avoid eviction, a news release said.

“Through rental assistance application support, volunteering with legal aid providers, helping courts implement eviction diversion programs, among other initiatives aimed at increasing housing stability and access to justice…” is how it plans to help, a news release said.

Attorney General Merrick Garland held a Zoom press conference with the schools taking the call to help Americans facing eviction.

“Five months ago, I asked the legal community to answer the call to help Americans facing eviction. Law students and lawyers from across the country stepped up to take on cases, and assisted their clients and communities at a time when our country needed it the most,” Garland said in the Zoom via the news release. “Today, our work is far from over, and making real the promise of equal justice under law remains our urgent and unfinished mission.”

This call to action by the Attorney General and the response from 99 law schools is part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s all-of-government approach to help millions of families keep up on rent and remain in their homes, the news release said.

Campbell Law School will begin its part in the upcoming months.