RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Tuesday morning’s busy commute on Interstate 87 nearly turned deadly for one driver.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating after someone fired several times at one man while he drove down the interstate.

CBS 17 spoke with the victim, hours after the potential road rage incident.

Because no one is yet in custody, he did not want to have his name or face publicized.

The Wilson man told CBS17 he just feels lucky he is alive.

It was a morning commute to work that he makes every day. But Tuesday’s drive is one he will never forget.

“I’m not replaying it in my mind over and over. I’m at a loss for words,” he said.

As the man changed lanes on I-87 near Smithfield Road, heading to Raleigh, he said a man driving another car came up behind him, yelling.

Then, he said, things escalated.

“I heard the glass break in my back window. So, I looked, I thought maybe a bottle was thrown or something,” the man explained. “And then when I turned my head to look, there were two more shots.”

Three big bullet holes pierced his car.

“It was a .45. It’s a large caliber, the exit is about a nickel size in diameter,” he said.

Thankfully, the man was unscathed.

“The third one was pretty close to hitting me,” he added. “[It was] about two and a half inches in front of my stomach.”

The victim drives a surplus Raleigh police car.

He has no idea if that played a role in why the other driver fired at him.

“I didn’t think anything that transpired warranted that, not that much could have,” he said.

The man hopes investigators find the person responsible soon.



“If he’s willing to do that to me, you know, he’s capable of a lot more. He could have had a better shot this morning and actually got me,” the man said. “Three shots. I mean, that’s intent. He needs to get off the streets.”

The victim told CBS17 there were witnesses around who provided information to deputies.

Investigators asked anyone with information to contact the Wake County Sheriff’s Office.