RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Car thefts and crime in the Glenwood South-area were major topics of discussion when the Raleigh Police Department released its crime data for the 2023 third quarter on Wednesday.

Motor vehicle thefts rose from 343 to 501 total incidents, which is a 46 percent increase. Raleigh police reports that 488 vehicles were recovered.

Police reminded the community to make sure to lock their vehicles, never leave them unattended while running, as well as, hide or take valuables from the vehicle.

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In the Glenwood South area, the number of confiscated firearms surged by 325 percent (20 to 85) and physical arrests soared by 275 percent (40 to 150).



Meanwhile, the homicide rate decreased by 13 percent and arrests have been made in 10 of the 13 cases, according to the crime data. Nine homicides involved firearms and one happened at a nightclub, bar, or near those locations, police said.

The number of traffic crash fatalities declined by 20 percent.

We will have full coverage on the latest crime numbers later tonight on CBS 17.