CARY, N.C. (WNCN)– On Tuesday, members of Verizon’s Response team participated in their annual certification training for the first time since the pandemic.

The event took place at Verizon’s enterprise solutions building in Cary, near Lake Crabtree.

This training included a variety of scenarios specifically tied to chemical spills and hazmat training. 70 members who are a part of Verizon’s Response Team underwent different training. Some members were in the field and others were inside, but they all gained the skills and knowledge to help in the event of any natural disaster.

Mark Paff, who is the director for Verizon’s Business and Continuity & Emergency management team, says Tuesday’s annual drill isn’t just required, but needed to help equip his team for real life situations.

“They’re a team that is specially trained to deal with hazmat situations and can go in and repair damage telecommunications infrastructure, to restore services to communities and first responders,” Paff said.

The Cary Fire Department is on hand helping members of the response team go through situational awareness training. The simulation will spill rocket fuel and hazmat suits will be used to enter the building where the training will take place and drones will be flown to assess the contaminated area.

“We want to make sure our teams are ready and prepared to respond, to help first responders do search and rescue, provide communication capabilities and making sure the services that our customers need to call loved ones, during this situation, that they have that ability,” Paff shared with us.