CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — We’re heading into the cooler months, and crews with the Town of Cary are staying prepared. 

On Thursday, snowplows hit the streets as they spent the day training for snow and also leaf collection season

Matthew Flynn, Cary’s Public Works Director, says it’s important to be proactive.

“Snow in North Carolina is so infrequent that we have to reacclimate ourselves to not only the equipment but the routes, so today our equipment is making sure all the equipment is working properly, they’re running their routes today,” said Flynn.

Crews also spent the day learning how to mix brine and the proper ways to remove a tree in the case of a storm.

“Trees fall, especially in North Carolina,” Flynn said. “We have ice events, so we have trees fall on the road, so chainsaws are something that we have to break out when needed.”

Flynn says this year they’re fully prepared with 80 snow plows ready to go in case of an event. They’re also already preparing brine.

“We keep it in a dome. It does have expiration, but because it’s in a dome and kept dry, the longevity is a couple of years,” said Flynn. “If you were to have it in a moist environment and not have a proper salt dome it would expire much earlier.”

Crews also spent the day training on leaf collection equipment.

They’ll have three leaf collection days on October 30th, November 27th and January 16th. 

This year they have a map where you can track the status of leaf collection pickup.



They also say contractors collecting loose leaves can now dispose of them at the Citizen’s Convenience Center or call 311 or (919) 469-4000 to give the address of the loose leaf collection, free of charge. 

Leaf piles should be at the curb within one week of the collection date and not on the street, sidewalk and away from meter boxes/sewer clean-outs, fire hydrants and storm drains.

For more information on loose leaf collection, visit the town’s website.