CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — Commissioner Mike Causey of the North Carolina Department of Insurance honored the Cary Fire Department with the 2022 Commissioner’s Award in a Monday afternoon ceremony.

The Cary Fire Department dates back to 1922 when leaders of the time decided to form a town fire company so that businesses and residents would no longer need to rely on outside agencies for fire protection. Now—100 years later—the Town of Cary has nine fire stations, 16 apparatuses and 225 personnel to protect the community when fire emergencies strike.

Causey also presented 15 Cary firefighters with SAVE Awards for their involvement in rescuing residents at an apartment fire on March 7 on Harlon Drive in which one child died. These awards go to individuals or organizations across the state that go “above and beyond the call of duty to save lives.”

(Cary Fire Department)

When firefighters arrived on the scene of the fire in March, they had been informed by the emergency dispatcher that the 911 caller was trapped in her apartment with her baby and could not get out.

Even though burning debris blocked the stairs to the apartment, firefighters were able to pull themselves up to the third floor through the picket railing and rescue these two residents.

Firefighters and first responders that received SAVE Awards include: Battalion Chief Tracy Williams; Captains Lee Wilson, Thomas Page, Zane Franks, Will Vick and Richard Moore; Engineers Lee Holland, Brent Holland and Chris Newell; Interim Engineer Chris Weier; Master Firefighters Kevin Moody and Daniel Havens; and Firefighters Ricardo Rojas, Brian Lupo and Carlos Mendez-Perez.