CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – A Cary man was arrested after he shot a man he found in his car early Tuesday morning, police said.

According to Cary police, a 911 call regarding a person shot came in at a home in the 100-block of Anita Way, which is located in the area of Evans Road.

Police later said that when they responded to the scene just after 3:30 a.m., they were told that a man, 51-year-old Heng Ye, stepped outside to find a man in his car.

“The man ran at which point he was shot,” Cary police spokesperson Lt. John Reeves said in a news release Tuesday afternoon.

The man who was shot was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Hang Ye in court on March 16, 2022. (CBS 17)

More than 12 hours after the shooting, crime scene tape still lined multiple homes on Matilda Place, which intersects with Anita Way.

Anuj Jain was left with two bullet holes in his home.

“Somebody was shooting at our property, we could’ve been dead, that’s the way I look at it,” Jain said. “Somebody’s stealing something from your car defend or whatever, you know, but don’t shoot at somebody. Especially don’t shoot at somebody who’s running at my home, I mean I could be dead.” 

The gunshots can be heard on neighbor Goutam Chintakula’s doorbell camera. He now plans on installing extra security following the incident.

“We want our family to be secure, right, so it was very scary for us,” Chintakula said.

Arrest warrants show the shooting victim is Larry Edward Clinding Jr. Clingding has multiple previous convictions for breaking and entering into vehicles in Wake County.

Ye was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

He received a $30,000 bond and posted that bond on Tuesday.

He appeared before a judge on Wednesday who said Ye faces 231 months in prison if convicted.

His next court appearance is scheduled for April 6.