CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — Monoclonal antibodies are one of the only treatments for COVID-19 patients who aren’t sick enough to be in the hospital but are at risk for getting sicker.

Often, a patient must go to a hospital or clinic in order to get the treatments, which are given through IVs or injections, but one Triangle pharmacy is offering antibody treatments right in people’s homes.

After being exposed to COVID on a hunting trip, Justin Vass knew his COPD put him at higher risk, so when he started feeling sick, he looked for monoclonal antibody treatments.

“It was critical that I get the treatment when I got it because I was starting to get really bad,” Vass explained.

He received the antibody injections at AdhereRx in Cary, but those who can’t make it to the pharmacy’s clinic can get the same treatment in their homes.

Pharmacist Cornelius Toliver says most people who receive in-home treatments have conditions that make it difficult to get to a clinic, have trouble accessing transportation, or live in a rural area.

He says the treatment is free, and you don’t need a prescription, but there are screening questions to make sure it’s right for you. It’s authorized for people with mild or moderate symptoms at higher risk for severe disease.

It’s also used to help prevent COVID-19 in some people who’ve been exposed.

“If you have a loved one that has tested positive, you’re around this person and you are pretty sure that you are probably going to get it at some point, then you are a candidate as well,” said Toliver.

The person administering the treatment will come to your home in full protective gear

“You’re going to have your gown, you’re going have your booties as well,” he said. “We have something we call a Versaflo hood, which allows you to bring in natural air.”

Patients are monitored after the treatment and the pharmacy will follow up.

“They called me almost every day to check on me,” recalled Vass, adding that the antibodies made a big difference to him. “I could tell you 12 hours later that something had changed — 24 hours later I was like. ‘Wow!'”

The NIH says monoclonal antibody treatments can reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by about 70 percent.

To find out more about how you can get these treatments at home, or at the AdhereRx Clinic in Cary, call (919) 465-5859.