CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – A Green Hope High School student is using his father’s terminal ALS diagnosis to bring awareness to the disease, begin a nonprofit and donate electronics to underprivileged students in a third-world country.

Green Hope junior Isaac Lund started Service Beakers two years ago when his father, retired Col. Eric Lund, was in his fourth year battling ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerves in the brain and spine.

Service Beakers provides free science lessons to more than 3,600 young students across eight North Carolina schools with a focus on empowering young students.

In the last year, Lund said the nonprofit partnered with St. Michael’s Catholic Church to assist in their annual mission of bringing educational support to underprivileged students. He said the church regularly tries to have service projects in Honduras, so the nonprofit chose Honduras, too.

“I realized that this service project would be a perfect avenue for our nonprofit to further expand our mission of empowering young students over any obstacle they face, and we decided to act on it,” Lund said. “We spent the next few months organizing widespread electronic crowdsourcing efforts – all in order to amass enough devices to significantly bolster the education systems of the underprivileged students.”

He also said in the last three months, the Service Beakers team piloted the first electronic crowdsourcing initiative of their mission. With the campaign now closed, the nonprofit garnered more than 340 devices.

“(The devices are) valued at well over $80,000,” Isaac Lund said. “(This) includes laptops, monitors and PCs that will revitalize the students’ education by introducing them to the powerful world of technology when we travel to Honduras this March.”

He said all the electronics will be shipped to the country during the final week of February.

Lund also said the Service Beakers team is scheduled to travel to Honduras, with St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, March 20-25. He also said his dad will be the honorary Service Beakers’ colleague accompanying the trip.

“The tentative plan is to have a Service Beakers colleague, my dad, and I travel to Honduras in addition to the crew already traveling from St. Michael’s Church,” Lund said. “Due to the ongoing changes of the (COVID-19) pandemic, this plan of travel is subject to change, however, our shipment of electronics in the final week of February is the one aspect that is 100-percent certain to happen.”

Additionally, Lund said science has always been a passion of his, and it has only intensified following his dad’s diagnosis. He said he turned that obstacle into innovation by forming the nonprofit under “Beakers,” a versatile volume measuring tool used in virtually all laboratory settings across the world, and “Service” to relay our organization’s goals of teaching kids, all revolved around science to bring positivity.