CARY, N.C. (WNCN)–The Town of Cary’s Police Chief spoke about the town’s readiness for an active shooter situation during Thursday night’s council meeting. Council Member Jack Smith said the goal is to let the public know how the town is prepared for an active shooter situation.

Smith said he was at a 4th of July event when people expressed concerns to him about how prepared Cary would be for an active shooter situation. 

“People would say to me ‘are you comfortable that we’re prepared here in Cary?,’ so I said yes I’m comfortable, but you can never be too vigilant,” Smith said.

He’s been speaking with Town Manager Sean Stegall and Police Chief Terry Sult about how to improve response times and ways to be prepared for an emergency.

“Is there something else we should be doing there in light of all this uncertainty in today’s world,” Smith said.

Those conservations led Stegall ask the Chief Sult to speak at Thursday night’s council meeting. 

Sult said the active shooter protocol is to go in immediately. He said the department started reevaluating its preparedness over a year ago, working with an outside firm. He said every time there’s a mass shooting like what happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the department reevaluates its readiness.

“That caused us to immediately start looking at are we prepared to have tools, or breaching tools, to be able to go into classrooms,” Sult said.

He said a recent change is officers having take home cars.

“Which will allow us to surge are capacity to have more resources more quickly on the scene should we have an event,” Sult said.

Bal Sharma feels safe in Cary, but said recent mass shootings are concerning. He appreciated hearing from the chief.

“It’s good, the town is already preparing thinking for the worst if that happens, and that’s good thing for the public, good thing for the children, and good thing for the schools,” Sharma said.

Sult said there will be changes to upcoming events including barriers to prevent cars from going into crowds.