RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With temperatures soaring across central North Carolina, people are searching for ways to stay cool. Air conditioning companies worked late to make vital repairs, while ice cream shops stayed busy.

The soaring temperatures are driving hundreds of people to Fresh Local Ice Cream.

“It was pretty crazy the last few days,” Lauren Garris, who works at Fresh Local Ice Cream, said. “We’re out of a lot of things right now because we couldn’t keep up with the flavors.”

There’s still plenty to go around for customers looking to lower their temperature with a sweet treat.

“I don’t have air conditioning in my car, so it’s a good way to cool off,” customer Steven Ervin.

For people without air conditioning in their homes, the situation requires more than ice cream.

That’s where Jeff Clark comes in, the service technician with Comfort Monster Heating and Air, who spent the evening getting a unit back in working order.

“Air conditioning used to be a luxury, and it has turned into a necessity for a lot of people,” he said.

On days like this, he knows the heat can be a health concern, too.

“It’s 100 degrees out here, it might be 80 or 90 degees in the house,” Clark said. “We try to take care of any elderly people who have medical conditions and we try to make (sure) those guys have precedence and get them taken care of.”

Furthermore, supply chain shortages can make some parts hard to come by.

“Fan motors, evaporator coils and compressors, I think those are our hardest thing to get right now,” he said.

Fortunately, he had the parts he needed for Monday’s job, but he knows with summer just starting to heat up, business will get busier for everyone who works to keep people cool.