RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With an unpredictable economy, many job-seekers are looking to boost their salaries and find positions that come with security and stability.

That data puts one North Carolina town in the top five — Cary.

Coming in at number three, Cary is the only place in North Carolina in the top 10, though Durham and High Point did rank in the top 50 at numbers 39 and 40, respectively.

The cities were ranked according to unemployment rates, income, local affordability, job which offer healthcare benefits and commute times.

Based on these metrics, Smart Asset said Cary was “most affordable” across all cities in the study when comparing the median income of $123,857 to median housing costs relative to that income, which is 15.2 percent. Cary, however, stood out in the study with an employment rate on the higher end at 5.34%.

A rendering provided by the Town of Cary shows the future vision for Academy Street in the downtown area.

Analysts said a higher unemployment rate tends to be the trend for cities or towns with higher median incomes. To compare to the cities at #1 and #2 on the study—Huntsville, Alabama took the top spot for best job market, but has a median income of $70,757. Sioux Falls, South Dakota was runner-up with a median income of $73,273.



More factors in the study showed that more than 41% of the workforce in Cary is remote and 86% of the workforce has private health insurance. Also, over the course of two years, income grew in Cary by roughly 16.5%.

Durham (#39) was listed at a median income of $71,343 with an average of 21.2% housing cost and an unemployment rate of 5.23%. Median income for High Point (#40) was a bit lower at $57,698 with average housing costs of 20.1% and an unemployment rate of 6.7%.

To see more cities on the list and more on the study’s methodology, see the full study here.