RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh leaders are looking to address safety concerns around the city and that includes GoRaleigh buses.

Raleigh Transit Authority discussed specific plans they’re hoping to get approved to increase security.

The agency said a lot of riders have voiced concerns about safety whether getting to work or getting home safely.

“Sometimes you step off the bus sometimes you see drug activity and you see sleeping, you see people sleeping on the bus,” Nathan Becoat, a GoRaleigh passenger, said.

While there’s been much discussion in recent weeks concerning measures to increase security and safety in downtown Raleigh, the transit authority also touched on what could be done when it comes to their services.

The agency said providing oversight of two shifts with two armed security officers on each shift, working 10-hour shifts, seven days a week may be a solution.

Residents told CBS 17 they’re even more concerned now with it getting darker earlier since that’s when they say more crime tends to happen at bus stations and on buses.



Grace Jackson lives in Raleigh and said the transit system is very important for the city.

“With the free bus service comes a compromise. I think in safety, in particular, at nighttime. There are people who not only sell drugs on the buses but use them as well,” Jackson said.

Raleigh Transit Authority said the next steps are to develop a process and get an executed contract in place.