Concerns continue to mount after latest threats directed at Wake Forest elementary school

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – For the second time in six months, parents at Jones Dairy Elementary School are worried about their children’s safety after someone made threats against the school on social media.

Isaiah David Napier, 18, is charged with one felony count of making a false report concerning mass violence on educational property. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office said Napier posted a threatening Snapchat.

In September, 33-year-old Arthur Kochetkov was arrested for posting threats against the school on Facebook.

“I don’t understand why this keeps happening to our school,” said one parent who asked to remain anonymous.

Eric Curry, the spokesperson for the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, called the two threats against the school a coincidence. Curry praised the person who saw the Snapchat and alerted deputies.

“That’s the kind of community support we need to have. We cannot monitor all social media outlets. Whether you’re young or old, we know that social media is a fabric of our society. However, this portion of the use of social media will not be tolerated by the Wake County Sheriff’s Office,” Curry said.

Laura Sullivan’s children recently graduated from Jones Dairy Elementary. She says the threats, while disturbing, are an important reminder to have an open conversation with kids about what they see on social media.

“If they do see something like that, they know to bring it to us. If they’re not able to and they are in school and they see something like that, they know to bring it to an authority figure because their thought process is safety above all else,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said she waited to give her kids access to social media until they were in middle school because she wanted to limit their exposure to what they see online.

A Jones Dairy parent who asked not to be identified agreed.  

He feels his children are too young to be on social media right now, but plans on teaching them about the responsibilities and dangers when it comes to using the internet.

“The internet is something that needs to be monitored just like any PG-13 or rated R movie. This is not for you. Kids should be able to grow up in the world being able to be kids,” he said.

Napier posted a photo of a gun with the caption, “Bruh these (expletive) (expletive) (expletive) third graders won’t stop calling my mom gay so Imma shoot theirs, that’ll teach ’em,” according to Wake County court documents.

The gun was later revealed to be an airsoft weapon. 

Napier is in currently being held in the Wake County Detention Center and will make his first court appearance Tuesday.

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