RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some online chatter about recycling or getting rid of goods has raised some concerns about the Jaycee Park Recycling Center in Raleigh.

With cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and tons of plastic material, Raleigh residents can dump some of the items at the center, but some items don’t belong.

“When people put things that don’t belong, like plastic bags, or yucky containers full of food, the people working at the recycling sorting centers have to pull it out, and then the companies that own those sorting centers pay to send it to the landfill,” Bianca Howard, the Outreach Marketing Supervisor for Wake County Solid Waste Management, said.

But sometimes it’s more than just plastic containers causing a problem.

A spokesperson for Raleigh’s Solid Waste Management team, which runs the Jaycee Park site, wasn’t available for an interview, but said in a statement that they’ve had issues with illegal dumping at the site for years.

That includes mattresses, electronics, and even construction materials.

To combat that, they’ve installed cameras in the area and asked the Raleigh Police Department to do more patrolling in the area.

Howard says it’s not just a city issue, though.

“The kinds of problems we see here at the City of Raleigh center are similar to what we see at Wake County Convenience Centers,” she said.

While illegal dumping of large items is a separate issue, Howard says the most confusion with recycling correctly comes from plastic materials.

While it can be confusing for residents who mean well and want to help the environment, Howard says her team is trying to help.

“We’re actually looking at what we can do to make it easier for customers to understand what to recycle, we’re looking at better training and more training for our site attendants, and we’re looking at improving our signage,” Howard said.

The Solid Waste Management team in Raleigh did not say they have any plans to close the Jaycee Park site, but they did say they’re constantly looking at how effective it is.