RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Tuesday construction began for a new symbolic symbol of freedom for all of North Carolina. Construction crews are in the process of installing the first state monument honoring African Americans.

The 40-foot metal structure is in the process of being installed at North Carolina Freedom Park, which is also under construction.

The new space is being developed behind the NC State Library off of East Lane and Wilmington Street.

The sculpture is called the Beacon of Freedom because it represents the voices of those who were denied that very right once upon a time, according to Victoria Gallagher.

“It’s needed because it’s the first state, North Carolina State, park and monument that is dedicated to the African American and black experience in North Carolina. And it will feature the words of North Carolinians, who are black and African American, about freedom,” Gallagher said.

On Thursday, construction crews will give a hard hat tour to city and local leaders—before the competition of the park in Spring 2023.