Continuing supply chain problems impact NC grocery stores and those across the US

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Harris Teeter grocery stores announced Friday that they won’t be offering their e-VIC specials this week due to supply chain problems.

COVID-19, along with bad weather, is making it harder for the company and other stores to obtain products.

At one Harris Teeter store, canned goods, noodles and even pasta sauce were hard to come by.

It’s not just here, shortage problems in grocery stores across the country are happening just about everywhere.

“The aisles are low on several things. There are some things you’ll be able to get but for the most part, they’re getting quickly depleted and some things are already gone,” said Raleigh shopper Edna Hicks.

With the fast-spreading COVID-19 omicron variant contributing to existing staffing shortages, it’s taking a lot longer for products to hit store shelves.

Mary High-Poole noticed the shortage at her Food Lion in Raleigh.

“I did notice that the meats looked like they might have been a little bit low but there was a sign up around the beef saying that due to the supply chain as well as now the storm that they were having trouble, difficulty getting everything in that they normally have,” said High-Poole.

Not everyone is feeling the same impact. Anna Anderson told CBS 17 she found everything she needed at her Harris Teeter store in Raleigh.

“There’s water, there’s bread, there’s milk. I don’t think any of the aisles had empty shelves,” said Anderson.

A spokesperson for Harris Teeter said their vendor partners are experiencing delivery and staffing challenges resulting in a cut in product availability for stores. Also, winter weather is offering similar challenges.

“They’re emptying out pretty quick,” said Hicks.

Harris Teeter says they are hoping to resume e-VIC specials starting next week.

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