RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some groups are calling on the Raleigh City Council to implement a citywide plastic bag fee and will propose this at tonight’s city council meeting. 

The North Carolina Public Interest Research Group is one of the groups behind this proposal. Whenever someone goes to the store and uses a plastic bag, he or she would be charged a 10-cent fee for that bag.

The group tells CBS 17 those plastic trash items you see on the roadside can get stuck in the environment for hundreds, or even thousands, of years and have a long-term impact.

“It’s either overfilling our landfills or polluting our natural spaces, and oftentimes ending up in our waterways where it’s harming wildlife,” Katie Craig with the North Carolina Public Interest Research Group said.

The people we heard from Tuesday said they wouldn’t have a problem with the fee if it helps the environment.

“I think the more people become aware of what’s around them, the better our society will be,” Larry Martin, a resident of Raleigh, said.

Those advocates will speak during Tuesday’s 7 p.m. meeting.

Additionally, Durham recently considered a similar proposal but the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was against it. It said it would support consumer education rather than giving people another tax to worry about.