RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A report from the Wake County Health and Human Services shows a Cary mother now charged in the death of her two daughters had been investigated three times by Child Protective Services in the last three years.

The final report to CPS was made just weeks before the children died. CPS said the reports focused on the medical care of a child who was disabled. All children in the home became part of the case, according to WCHHS.

Launice Battle, 29, is facing two counts of murder for the death of three-year-old Amora, and two-year-old Trinity. 

In July 2019, the report said Battle was accused of neglecting a child. The report said there was a concern a child was not being taken to medical appointments. The report also said CPS intervened to make sure the family received services, including speech therapy and special infant care clinic. It said the family was provided with gas cards to ensure they could make their appointments.

“(A) social worker also followed up with all providers to ensure that appointments were kept and confirmed that they were kept,” the report said.

That case was closed in Oct. 2019 after CPS said “involvement was no longer needed”.

Several months later, in June 2020, there was a second report of neglect with concerns about Battle not taking a child to follow-up medical appointments.

The report said a social worker made home visits with in-home health services along with child care provided. CPS also said they provided a parenting coach and infant and toddler parenting classes. The report said the case was closed in April 2021.

The last report of neglect was made on July 8, 2022.

The report cites a “concern about improper care and improper supervision”. In this case, CPS decided services were not recommended as they were the previous two times.

In justifying that decision, CPS said “it was confirmed that mother was taking child to medical appointments, child was gaining weight, medical collaterals reported no concerns and family members reported no concerns.”

That decision goes on to say that Battle “appropriately” responded to her child’s medical needs.

Before Battle was arrested on murder charges in connection with the deaths of her two daughters, several people told CBS 17 she was spotted at a local sweepstakes. Battle was arrested on Aug. 27 at Duke Raleigh Hospital on Wake Forest Road after police were called.

Battle also has a six-year-old son. CBS 17 is told the boy is now living with Battle’s boyfriend, who is also his father.