HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) — A 21-year-old diver from Holly Springs will compete in two Olympic events in Tokyo. It will be Andrew Capobianco’s first time competing in the Olympics.

Andrew Capobianco didn’t start out as a diver. He started out on a trampoline in his backyard.

“Every few minutes Andrew would come in and say, ‘Look what I can do. I can do a flip,” recalled his mom, Darlene Capobianco. “He’d come back in, and say, ‘Now I can do two flips,’ and we were like wait a minute.”

Pretty soon, he’d taken up gymnastics. Then at a 5th-grade pool party, his dad says a lifeguard encouraged him to try diving.

“He won his first national at 12-years-old,” said Michael Capobianco.

The family moved from New York to Holly Springs where Capobianco’s room is still filled with medals and memories of all his accomplishments. But it’s not the awards that matter the most to his family.

“He’s a very humble kid who is also super confident and that’s a very rare thing,” said his dad.

“I can always go to him for help — he’s going to offer genuine advice,” added brother, Matt.

Andrew Capobianco is one of three brothers. Matt is his twin.

“He is the older twin by three whole minutes and he’s never gonna let me hear the end of it,” Matt Capobianco said.

Still, the brothers are are each others’ biggest supporters, and while his family wishes they could be in Tokyo cheering Capobianco on, they just want what’s best for the team.

“We are just praying that Andrew and the rest of the team stay well and they get to compete,” said Michael Capobianco. “He might be able to hear me yelling from Holly Springs.”

Whether or not he adds an Olympic medal to his collection, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate.

“For him, I would love for him to bring home a medal — it’s something that he’s dreamt of,” said his mom, Darlene Capobianco. “But for me, I’m already proud.”