RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Saturday morning’s snow didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves at Dorothea Dix Park. When Kayla Self and family saw the snow this morning they headed straight for the hills. 

“We’ve been waiting for so long to come on out here and enjoy the hills again and we finally have enough snow to do it,” Self said. 

She told CBS 17 it has been three years since her kids got the chance to enjoy the snow. 

“We’re going to take advantage of today and try to make it for the ditch – that’s our goal,” she said.

Frank Hanes and Guilherme Ferreira were also up for a little bit of adventure.

“I’ve been waiting all week hoping to get a lot of snow just so we can come down here,” Ferreira said.

From kids to adults, dozens of people sled down the high hills.

Some were in competition of who could go the fastest, while others just wanted to have some fun.

“Any time it snows we’re like ‘just let there be enough snow for Dix Park to be sledable’,” sledder Hayes Permar said. “That’s all we’re hoping for.”

Additionally, staff at Dorothea Dix Park handed out sleds to kids so everyone had the chance to slide down. Many families said if the weather permits, and there’s still a lot of snow, they’ll be back out there tomorrow.

“The adrenaline of just coming down and the snow coming up in your face – it hurts – but it hurts so good (that) it’s a lot of fun,” Ferreira said.