RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As we feel the impacts of Hurricane Ian hitting our region, thousands of people have already lost power at some point on Friday.

Duke Energy welcomed help from dozens of out-of-state crews.

“We’ve been preparing for Ian long before it even hit Florida,” Jeff Brooks, a spokesman for Duke Energy, said.

Duke Energy crews were all over neighborhoods on Friday, quickly responding to outages or downed lines, but they’re not working through the conditions alone.

“We’ve also been bringing in additional crews from out of state, several thousand in fact, tree crews and line crews,” Brooks said.

(Deana Harley/CBS 17)

Some of those crews coming from Nebraska, even from Quebec.

Brooks says with those crews ready to go, they’re well prepared to serve customers, but strong winds could prevent crews from getting out.

“35 miles an hour is kind of a magic number when we’re not really able to get our buckets up in the air and use them, and since most of the work is in the air, that really shuts down a lot of the work,” Brooks said.

He says even once the storm passes, his team’s work is nowhere near over.

“This is going to be a multi-day restoration in some areas, this is still a powerful storm, we’ve seen what it did to Florida, it re-strengthened when it came offshore, and now it’s coming back through,” Brooks said.

Officials say it’s always a good idea to keep your devices charged, and keep extra batteries on hand.