Dozens protest in Wake County after racially charged letter sent to interracial family

Wake County News

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Dozens of people took to the streets in the Wakefield community in Wake County Friday night in response to a racially charged letter that was sent to an interracial family living there.

Using pots, pans and loudspeakers, protesters took to the streets asking those living there to get out of their homes and into the streets to demand change from their neighbors.

The protest was in response to an anonymous letter that was sent to an interracial family living in Wakefield Estates. The letter reads in part “please keep your husband and kids well behaved and orderly. Most of us would not hesitate to call the police if they get unruly.”

Demonstrators say it’s time that the people living in the neighborhood take a stand against injustice even if it means taking a stand against one of their neighbors.

“Right now, we don’t have any who can protect and serve us because there’s no one who is protecting and serving Black people in this community,” said Lauren Howell, an organizer for the group NC Born.

A different interracial family that’s lived in the neighborhood for 14 years joined the protest. They say the note could’ve been sent to them, and that it’s not the first time their community was unwelcoming to a person of color.

“Racism is not tolerated here. This is about equality, peace, love and it’s not OK to be racist anonymously or otherwise. We’re just not going to stand for that, we’re going to be active and try to make a difference,” said Mike Morgan, a Wakefield resident.

Police diverted traffic at some points as protesters even addressed people in their cars. The group said it’s time people have the needed difficult conversations with those closest to them, to prevent similar letters from being written in the future.

“We need to keep propelling this movement forward because people think that it’s gonna stop, but it’s not gonna stop unless we get justice,” said Howell.

The group also highlighted the deaths of Soheil Mojarrad, Keith Collins, Kyron Hinton and Akiel Denkins and asked for any officers involved in their deaths to be fired.

The family that received the letter sent a response to the entire neighborhood saying “We will not be intimidated. We are happy to have a discussion if you have the courage.”

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