RALEIGH N.C. (WNCN) – Monday evening, more than 100 people in the local Persian community protested in downtown Raleigh, supporting a women’s rights movement halfway around the world in Iran. 

The large crowd in downtown Raleigh chanted the name of 22-year-old Masha Amini.

While reports between Iranian officials and activists conflict her cause of death, Amini died days after being arrested this month in Iran’s capital for not wearing a Hijab, or head covering, correctly.

The Hijab has been required by law in the country for more than four decades.

“It is not just that it has been more than 43 years that we are in the situation,” Iranian American and Raleigh organizer, Simin Pouya said. “I would say please know the value that freedom of this country gives you it is very very valuable and you cannot find such a thing in other countries.”

Amini’s death has sparked protests against the current government across Iran, turning deadly in some cases.

“Freedom of the women, freedom of the choice if they want to wear his job that’s fine but that’s their choice,” protester Nazi Kite said.

Brandon Kashani grew up in both Iran and Raleigh and went to North Carolina State University.

He said his mother’s currently in Iran, but communication and access to the internet is limited.

“I haven’t spoken to her all week, she’s from Raleigh and born and raised here,” Kashani said. “I grew up with friends who are now in the streets, some of them are dying and some of them are getting beaten up, and it’s sad.”

He only has one message to his fellow North Carolinians.

“It’s really easy for us to sit here on our couch in a country where we have freedom and say ‘oh, it’s sad what’s going on there and there’s nothing really nothing we can do’,” Kashani said. “This is probably the absolute most amount of things we can do is just spread awareness.”