RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In Raleigh Saturday, dozens of people gathered wearing orange, the color recognized as a symbol of gun violence prevention. The event was part of Moms Demand Action’s Wear Orange Day.

Speakers at the event called on lawmakers to make changes. Some of them shared personal stories about how gun violence has impacted their families.

“Gun violence has totally destroyed our family,” said Alicia Campbell, who lost her 21-year-old son, Ahmad to a shooting in 2019.

“He was just that determined, sweet guy… he didn’t let anything get him down, he was the one, he was the man,” she said of her slain son.

Campbell also spoke to the crowd on Saturday, telling her story.

“I fight not only for Ahmad, who is mine, I fight for everyone who is out here, all the youth, all the schools, all the children, all the parents,” she said.

Several city officials were at the rally showing support for the cause, including Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin, and police chief Estella Patterson, who noted what her department does every day to cut down on gun violence in the city.

“The number one thing is trying to get guns off the street, so any time we make a traffic stop with someone who might have a weapon, we want to make sure that it’s legal,” Patterson said.

She also told the crowd that the department can’t tackle the issue alone.

“As the police, we can only do so much, but with all of us working together we are going to make a difference,” Patterson said.

Organizers at the event say they want to see change, and they want lawmakers on Capitol Hill to enact more gun laws, including comprehensive background and mental health checks and a ban on assault rifles.

“We need to remind them that they represent us, they work for us, the people of this country,” said Madhavi Kervat, one of the organizers.