RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Duke Energy has plans to open a new control center servicing the eastern part of the state. 

CBS 17 got an inside look at the new facility Wednesday.

“It’s built to help support growth in the state and to be a smarter system that can adapt quickly to the changing needs of the system every hour of every day,” said Duke Energy Spokesperson, Jeff Brooks.

He says the new facility will allow them to meet energy needs in the years to come, something their existing control center, located in a different part of town, isn’t capable of.

The company has been operating out of it for decades.

“For decades, power flowed from one direction from power plants to the customer. Today, power is going to flow in multiple directions across the system, from solar systems across the grid, from natural gas and nuclear plants, from battery storage and electric vehicles,” said Brooks. “All of these components have to work together dynamically every hour of every day so that your power stays reliable. That’s the job of this facility.”



Duke Energy says they expect to see more growth in the Carolinas over the next 15 years.

“So much so that it’s equal to the actual energy output of New Hampshire, Maine and Delaware combined so this is a big lift that we have to make sure we’re able to stay ahead of,” said Brooks.

They plan to open the new facility on Friday.