RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Gov. Roy Cooper is urging people to cancel or postpone gatherings that involve more than a hundred people.

Macklin Bushfan & Kaliedra Caldwell

For many, that includes weddings. It has left a lot of wedding planners and couples scrambling.

“I knew from day one that this is the person I want to marry,” Macklin Bushfan said.

Bushfan and his fiancée, Kaliedra Caldwell have been together for six years. April 4 is their wedding day.

“We’re getting married and I’m so excited. I’m so happy,” Caldwell said.

The couple has spent months and months planning. Their first venue went out of business.

Macklin Bushfan & Kaliedra Caldwell

They lost $4,000. Now the coronavirus has prompted new concerns.

“We’re kind of hoping that our guest list doesn’t shrink. Because I’m starting to feel like it is,” Caldwell said.

The couple said they invited 150 people and 130 have RSVP’d yes.

“We do have a lot of guests coming from out of town. So I know that was probably one of the biggest concerns with travel and like booking flights, getting on an airplane,” Bushfan said.

Elana Walker, a certified wedding planner, has been getting a lot of calls from anxious couples these days.

“Brides whose wedding are in the next couple of weeks, I would definitely say its kinda too late to postpone anything,” Walker said.

She recommends have elderly guests stay home and live stream the event. She also advised enlarging the dance floor and adding more sanitizing stations.

“Talk to your vendors, address your guests, prepare your event and attempt to get event insurance,” Walker said.

“I don’t have a spirit of fear. If we’re going to do this thing, we’re going to do it,” Bushfan said.

“If it has to be him, me and the pastor than that’s just what we’re doing,” Caldwell said.