APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — An elderly Apex woman was scammed Wednesday when a caller posed as Apex Deputy Police Chief McKinney and demanded money, according to the Apex Police Department.

Police received a phone call Wednesday morning from a woman in the community on behalf of her mother. Police said the woman and her mother asked to remain anonymous.

The mother received a phone call from an individual with the caller ID as the department’s non-emergency number.

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Police said an unknown individual identified himself as McKinney, advising he was contacted by a federal agency and asked to assist in serving a warrant for a money laundering case involving the mother.

The mother was concerned and withdrew a large amount of money from her bank account after the caller told her to do so. Police said the caller told the mother that someone would meet with the mother at her residence and would accept the cash. The transaction happened at the end of the mother’s driveway.

Police said the mother received a follow-up call from the individual again posing as McKinney, who tried to solicit another transaction. During this interaction, the woman’s daughter called police and was able to reach the actual Deputy Chief McKinney, who informed her that this was a scam.

Police said the transaction took place in the jurisdiction of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. Apex investigators are working with the sheriff’s office to investigate.

“We encourage everyone to share this information with family and friends, especially our elderly community members,” said the department. “Under no circumstances would the Apex Police Department contact you and demand money.”

Please contact the Apex Police Department at 919-362-8661 if you receive a suspicious phone call requesting for money.