Eyewitness account of fatal Glenwood Ave. motorcycle crash differs from Raleigh police’s

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An eyewitness to a fatal motorcycle collision on Glenwood Avenue Thursday afternoon tells CBS 17 the incident didn’t unfold as a Raleigh police report says. 

Blake Kristopher Tercero, 29, was killed when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car around 1:30 p.m. near Glenwood Avenue’s intersection with Pleasant Valley Road.

Tercero was a former U.S. Army Ranger, friends tell CBS 17. 

Around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, Raleigh police released a preliminary wreck report for the collision. 

The preliminary report states Tercero was traveling at an estimated 60 mph on Glenwood Avenue inbound and sideswiped a car in the middle lane “after completing what was described by witnesses as a wheelie.”

Tercero then ran off the road to the right and hit a tree.

Randy Kincy spoke with CBS 17 Friday and gave his account of what he saw happen on the inbound lanes of Glenwood Avenue. 

Kincy said the collision unfolded before him as he traveled toward Crabtree Valley Mall.

He was stopped at the light in the far right lane with Tercero in the far left and a car in the middle. 

When the light turned green, Kincy said Tercero “did not do a wheel stand” but did have his motorcycle’s front tire off the pavement. 

A vehicle then entered the roadway from an access road to the right, Kincy said. 

That vehicle moved across three lanes of traffic to the left where Kincy said Tercero slowed his motorcycle and put on his blinker before moving into the middle lane. 

Kincy said traffic slowed and was moving around 35 mph when the vehicle pulled out from the access road.

When Tercero moved into the middle lane, the car did, too. Tercero then put his blinker on and moved into the far right lane – in front of Kincy’s vehicle, he said. 

At that point, Kincy said the car moved “hard to the right.” That’s when the front tire of Tercero’s motorcycle hit the front-right end of the vehicle. 

The impact flipped the motorcycle with Tercero still on it. The bike went through trees by the access road while Tercero’s body came to a rest on the access road, Kincy said.

Tercero was pronounced dead at the scene. He was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

“He showed great situational awareness,” Kincy said. “He made sure we were all clear before he moved over.” 

Kincy said he gave his account of the collision to Raleigh police. 

“It was one bad decision,” Kincy told CBS 17. 

Kincy did not know either party involved in the crash. 

CBS 17 reached out to Raleigh police on Friday to see if charges had been filed.

Raleigh police would only say no charges have been filed and the incident was still under investigation.

The initial report says neither driver is suspected of being impaired. The driver of the car was not injured. 

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