RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Five teens were killed in an SUV crash on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh over the weekend.

Raleigh police told CBS 17 that the teens were traveling 80 mph, in a 35 mph zone of Capital Boulevard, when the car ran off the road and hit the concrete bridge near Fairview Road.

The crash happened as the group was traveling inbound on the street around 6:15 a.m. Sunday.

CBS 17 has learned a 13-year-old, another 14-year-old, and two 17-year-olds were inside of the car. The 13-year-old is an 8th grader at Ligon Middle School.

Family members said that 14-year-old Tymeer Dennis was among those killed. He was a freshman at Wake Forest High School.

Now his loved ones are trying to understand this tragedy.

“My mom had asked me where he was. I had looked on his phone and it said it was at the police station, before it died,” said Shakayla McGrady, Tymeer’s sister.

That’s how she knew something was wrong with her big brother.

“It was my closest brother. I couldn’t believe it,” added McGrady.

There’s just a year age difference between the two siblings. She was looking forward to spending her teenage years, with him by her side.

“Him making me laugh. His smile. Everything,” added McGrady.

That smile is something Tymeer’s friends are missing too.

“He was a loving, caring boy,” said Zemoraa Smith-Taylor, Dennis’ friend.

A person driving on the road, after the crash, called 911 dispatchers to get help.

“It’s really smashed. I don’t know if anyone is inside. Oh gosh, they’re probably not alive,” the person told dispatchers. “It’s a silver car. It’s smoking really, really bad.”

Police said none of the five teens were wearing seatbelts.

“I put my seatbelt on now,” said Smith-Taylor.