RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Surveillance video and a lot of help from the community. That’s what a Raleigh family said it took to get their 34-foot camper back after someone stole it.

It’s not in perfect condition, but the Browne family is grateful to have their camper back in one piece, less than one week after they reported it stolen and asked everyone to be on the lookout for the RV and a white truck with black ladder racks, seen in surveillance video towing the camper away.

People paid attention.

“This gentleman contacted us through Facebook, who happened to be driving through Franklin County and saw the truck on the side of the road and took some pictures for us,” Michael Browne said.

The truck appeared to be burned but it looked like the one in the video, and the Browne’s could still make out some information on it.

A truck, that appeared to be burned, couldn’t be identified by Michael Browne (Anonymous approved submission to CBS 17).

“We were able to identify the owner of the truck, and we contacted them,” Browne said.

He said the company that owns the truck told him it had been stolen, but they could still track where it had been.

“They used the GPS tracking system in the truck to figure out where the truck went,” he said.

It led to a property in Wendell.

The Browne’s said they called the sheriff’s office and a deputy met them at the property. Sure enough, the camper was there. It has some damage, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

“The locks were broken. The door is actually cracked, and the vent fan on the roof over the bathroom is broken,” Browne said. “But, luckily the majority of our belongings are still in the camper.”

They say investigators dusted the camper for fingerprints and they hope it will help them track down whoever took it, but for now, they’re just thankful for everyone who played a part in finding it.

“The people commenting and keeping their eyes out and wishing us good luck and trying to help us find this thing has been amazing,” Browne said. “Never imagined anything even close to that happening.”