Family: Wake Forest man accused of trying to have 8-year-old drive him home is a good father

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – A Wake Forest man was arrested after making a comment at a Wake Forest restaurant. Police said he was drunk and said his 8-year-old daughter could drive home, but his family said he made the comment as a joke and he should never have been arrested. 

Jimmy Brogden Sr. said his son, 45-year-old Jimmy Brogden Jr., is a good father.

“Doesn’t put his daughter in no danger. He never even whipped her,” Brodgen Sr. said. He argued his son shouldn’t be facing a misdemeanor child abuse charge, but he is along with the charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.  

Sunday night, he said Brogden Jr. went to dinner the Carolina Ale House in Wake Forest with his mother and 8-year-old daughter.

“When he got through eating, went and played some games, then they got ready to leave and that’s when all this went down,” Brogden Sr. said.

According to a restaurant spokeswoman, another customer overheard Brogden Jr. make a comment that his daughter would be driving home and alerted restaurant staff. The restaurant said a staff member offered a cab or an Uber, but the situation escalated and staff called the police. 

According to the 911 call, Brogden Jr. was “threatening the employees” and “putting his hands on people.”

Brogden Sr. wasn’t at the restaurant but said his son told him some of what happened. He said his son had “some beers” but he doesn’t believe he was drunk.

“Somebody grabbed him. That’s all I know,” he said. 

He insisted Brogden Jr. would never have let a child behind the wheel.

“He wouldn’t have done that,” Brogden Sr. said. “He’s not stupid.”

He added that Brogden Jr. told him he made the comment as a joke.

“He wouldn’t let the girl drive the car to start with, and he didn’t have a car there. His car was sitting right here in my yard and my keys were in my house. He rode with his mom up there,” he said. 

Brogden Sr. said his son spent about an hour in jail.

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